Pharmacist In Charge

  • Job Description:
  • Day to day management of pharmacy dept & supervision of staff;
  • Fill prescriptions & compounds per Dr's orders;
  • Review prescriptions issued by Dr's, or other prescribers to ensure accuracy & to determine formulas & ingredients needed;
  • Compound medications, using standard formulas & processes such as weighing, measuring & mixing ingredients.
  • Send Resume To:
  • Pharmacy Plus & Surgical Supplies, LLC
  • 236 Harrison Ave.,
  • Harrison, NJ 07029.

Pharmaceutical Compliance Manager & Analyst - Paterson Location

  • Job Description:
  • To conduct pharmaceutical compliance research to formulate compliance policies
  • Plan and execute pharmaceutical marketing research & analysis to promote & forecast sales/services of pharmaceuticals/specialty medications & herbal products
  • Create promotional scientific materials for herbal products;
  • Research and prepare pharmaceutical literature for company's newsletters and website
  • Research pharmaceutical trends and forecasts for specialty pharmaceuticals, drug information source & pharmaceutical regulations to implement a comprehensive pharmaceutical compliance mechanism.


  • B.S. in pharmacy or equivalent
  • Knowledge of pharmaceutics, pharmacognosy (herbal plants, natural and crude drugs), pharmaceutical jurisprudence/legislation/ethics
  • Quantitative knowledge of computing, statistics/bio-statistics, math/calculus, pharmaceutical management/marketing to conduct pharmaceutical marketing management research and feasibility analysis.

Send Resume To:

  • 4 Community Pharmacy LLC
  • 900 Main Street
  • Paterson, NJ 07503

Job Types: Full-time, Internship